• Identity architect and leader of visionary user-managed or self-sovereign solutions. Turn vision into smart design and essential mobile products for citizens.

    A. David Kelts, CIPT

  • Smart identity solutions become essential mobile products

    Identity thought leader and collaborative innovator. Visionary citizen-managed Mobile ID, Proofing, and Authentication expert with 5 patents. Certified Privacy Technologist. Engaging presenter, creating visualizations of complex identity challenges that foster discussions toward real solutions. Develops strong vision and product strategy from researching technology and the marketplace. Key technical presenter to Government clients for sales of identity product lines. Brings business and technical to BLT.

    Strong, passionate technical leader suited to a dynamic technology company compelled to produce the best software for their users. SOA Certified cloud architect and IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist with excellent communication skills. Can manage and direct both Product Marketing and Engineering toward flexible, scalable architectures with an agile, user-centered design approach.

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    Thoughtful articles on digital identity and the future. See ISO 18013-5 for Mobile Driver's Licenses and Post-Covid ID Transactions.

    Appointment as GET Group Director of Product Development

    GET's announcement of the appointment of David Kelts to direct product development for mobile

  • David Kelts can speak on identity proofing, trustworthy online identity, in-person interactions, Mobile Driver's Licenses, and privacy engineering. Able to visually and verbally explain complex identity topics.

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    Citizen-managed Mobile Identity Solutions for Driver's Licenses and Identity Documents

    GET Group North America

    Director of Product Development, Mobile Identity

    2019 - Present

    Leading GET Mobile, the platform for Mobile Driver's Licenses that is ISO 18013-5 compliant. See news release on LinkedIn about the appointment.

    ISO - International Organization for Standardization

    Contributor, Mobile Driver License (JTC1/SC27/WG10) and Virtual ID (JTC1/SC27/SG1)

    May 2016 – Present

    Key contributor to online mDL 18013-5 specification. Joined mDL to Open ID Connect.


    Director | Architect | Mobile Identity 

    Sep 2004 – March 2019

    Directing world-wide Mobile Driver's License (mDL), and a new class of Identity Proofing products based on NIST 800-63A. Launched the world's first mobile phone Driver's License.

    Leading a group of Agile Product Owners to define and implement Digital Identity products serving Citizens, State-issued Identities, Banks, Government, and Telcos across the identity life-cycle.

    Rationalized product architectures and features from three merging companies into one expansive Digital Identity line with the highest proofing level in the industry and the highest authentication level for a citizen-managed mobile ID: Augmented Identity.

    5 Identity Patents:
    - Digital Identification Enrollment (Selfie Registration to System of Record)

    - Bi-directional Trust Indicators (for visual usage of mobile identities)
    - Using a symbol as instruction for a mobile identity to initiate transfer of authenticated identity information
    - Using a symbol as instruction for a target system to request identity information and authentication
    - Communication flow for verification and identification check

    Board of Directors

    August 2017 – April 2019

    Leading IDEMIA delegation on User Authentication and Identity Federations, Representing biometric authenticator certification.

    Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, Identity Ecosystem Framework

    Privacy and Trust Framework Committees


    Led Pilots Feedback Subcommittee. Contributing Author of Identity Ecosystem Functional Model. Registered into Identity Ecosystem Framework Registry.


  • Patents

    A. David Kelts, Identity and computer-related patents

    US 10,032,042 Digital Identification Enrollment

    Methods for self-driven biometric and secure enrollment for a digital identity issued from the identity systems of an Issuer.

    US 9,801,065 QR Codes to initiate Mobile Identity actions

    Scanning instructions from a multi-dimensional symbol (e.g. QR) on target system telling mobile device to perform identity action.

    US 9,801,064 QR Codes for a Mobile Identity to connect

    Scanning instructions from a symbol (e.g. QR) on a mobile device to let a target system connect and request identity actions.

    Appl 15/694346 Bi-directional Trust Indicators

    Interacting with a rendered mobile identity using any sensor of the device to confirm integrity and trust.

    Appl 15/642198 Communication Flow for Identification

    Distance connection to a mobile identity by a trusted verifier and communication of official identity information by a mobile device.

  • Education 

    Brandeis University

    B.A. Computer Science (1982-1986)

    Minor in Physics, 1983 NCAA Div III National Cross Country Champions

    Cornell University

    Certificate in Strategic Management (2017-2018)

    One year certificate in strategic leadership, business administration and international management


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